Although, we rarely think about seeds, 9 out of every 10 bites of food we eat today start with seeds . And they are under incredible threat. Our planet has lost 75% of its plant genetic diversity between 1900 and 2000 , and 75% of our food is derived from only 12 plant and 5 animal species . The implications of this alarming biodiversity loss are serious and far-reaching, not only for food and nutrition security, but also for climate change adaptation, livelihoods and human survival. We need to act now to save biodiversity – nature’s brilliant insurance policy against disaster. That’s why we created

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Interactive Seed Map Picture Complete with news, resources, campaigns and an interactive online seed map, is a valuable teaching & advocacy tool and reference point on seeds, biodiversity, and food.

The heart of is an interactive map that lets you visit hundreds of case studies around the world where agricultural biodiversity originated, is threatened, and where people are working to safeguard it. Read more…

To download a printable poster of the 2013 Seed Map exploring where our food comes from (4 MB), click here (can be printed on paper up to 11 x 17).

About the Seed Map Project

2007 Printed Seed Map In 2007, the update of a 1992 teaching kit evolved into a collaboration between USC Canada and ETC Group to create the hard copy wall-sized Seed Map. The Seed Map: Food, Farmers and Climate Chaos, chronicled the planet’s plant genetic wealth, how it is threatened, what are the solutions – all laid out in a physical map. It was a runaway success. More than 15,000 copies have travelled the world, in 7 languages.

We created to replace the physical Seed Map and make it even more complete, up-to-date and interactive. Read more…

To download a printable poster of the 2013 Seed Map exploring where our food comes from (4 MB), click here (can be printed on paper up to 11 x 17).

Thanks to our Generous Funders & Supporters

USC Canada and ETC Group would like to extend its appreciation for the generous financial support the project has received from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). USC Canada and ETC Group would also like to extend its appreciation to the many consultants, volunteers and collaborators for their assistance with the Seed Map Project.

About USC Canada

USC-Canada USC Canada promotes vibrant family farms, strong rural communities and healthy ecosystems around the world, working side-by-side with Canadians and our partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. USC Canada supports programs, training, and policies that strengthen biodiversity, food sovereignty, and the rights of those at the heart of resilient food systems – women, indigenous peoples and small-scale farmers.

USC Canada was founded by Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova in 1945 as the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada. See for more information, including USC’s flagship Seeds of Survival program.

About ETC Group

ETC-Group … or Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration

ETC Group is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity and human rights. Begun 25 years ago with a conversation about seeds, the ETC Group today supports socially responsible developments of technologies useful to the poor and marginalized, and addresses related international governance issues and corporate power.

ETC Group’s strength is in the research and analysis of technological information, especially as it relates to plant genetic resources, biotechnologies and biological diversity. The Group also develops strategies to help manage the socioeconomic impacts of new technologies. See for more information.