covers a whole range of seed, biodiversity and food issues. Yet there are three themes that we think desserve more attention and that we turned into campaigns of their own- check them out & spread the word:


Picture by USC Canada

Agroecology to counter climate change (#ag4climate #COP21Reader): A campaign leading up to and following the 2015 COP-21 climate Conference in Paris to show that we cannot address climate change without drastically shifting our approach to agriculture and positioning agroecology as a sustainable, clean and just response to climate change.



Seed laws & Farmers’ seeds (#seedlaws): A campaign to build our networks and increase our capacity to understand seed laws and what farmers can do within them to protect their seed systems and their right to save seeds.


On #BiodiversityDay (May 22), let's show the world why agricultural biodiversity matters

Agricultural biodiversity matters (#agbiomatters): A virtual campaign that shows, on new social media and through case studies on our virtual seedmap how and why agricultural biodiversity matters.