Join us on Nov. 29, 2015 in Ottawa: 

Let’s show world leaders that ecological agriculture can help beat climate change

As you know, the Paris Climate Summit is starting soon. Have you heard about the 100% Possible Climate March in Ottawa?

On November 29, family-friendly marches will be happening in major cities around the world to remind our leaders that 100% clean and renewable economy by 2050 is not just necessary, but 100% possible.

That’s right — we can solve climate change in our lifetimes. We already have all the solutions we need to create a safer, sustainable and just future. We just need to put them into practice.

Here at USC Canada, we know farmers can help fix climate change. We need to remind world leaders that now is their chance to support regenerative, Earth-friendly farming: ecological agriculture. Growing food ecologically means using locally-adapted seeds and farming methods that are safe for farmers and the environment. It also means building healthy food systems, so that every community can enjoy safe and nutritious local food.

This type of agriculture has shown that it can have a peek at this web-site reduce our climate footprint and make it easier for farmers to adapt to climate change.

On November 29th, we’re inviting all food-related activists and organizations to walk with us behind our banner to remind our leaders that ecological agriculture is a key solution to climate change.

We want to make sure ecological agriculture makes a splash. Let us know if we can count on you by sending in your RSVP here.

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Meet us on Sunday, November 29th at noon in front of 56 Sparks Street, Ottawa.

We will join the rest of the march from here.

Everyone is encouraged to bike, bus or carpool to the march. If you don’t live in the area, reserve your spot on one of many affordable buses that will be leaving from different regions of Quebec and Ontario.

Organizers are asking marchers to More about the author dress in green: clothing, posters, facepaint – anything goes. But why stop there? Get creative! Dress up in a way that showcases ecological agriculture. Build a human-powered float. Turn yourself into a walking piece of art. And of course, bring your placards!


binaire optie wikipedia Other ways you can help:

We look forward to marching with you for a just climate and food future!


The Seedmap & USC Canada Team