Resources for all

Here are resources that explore what’s wrong with our food system and what we can do about it. Feel free to contact us if you come across other resources you think we should list.


USC Canada has put together several tools for various age groups. These include recommended movies and movie sheets, string games, seed saving instructions, and other activities.

Food MythBusters A series of short videos and action campaigns to debunk the food myths behind the conventional food system, challenge whether we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world, and tell the real story of the food we eat.

The Supermarket Tour Using the supermarket as a classroom, the Tour asks questions about the products on supermarket shelves, providing a focus for discussion on a wide range of food issues, from labour to labelling, from marketing to genetic manipulation, from pesticides to profit.Contact OPIRG Peterborough to order the most recent update

Sustain Ontario: Ten Simple Acts How to get kids engaged in food issues by participating in 10 simple actions.


Community Food Security Assessment Toolkit The US Department of Agriculture developed a toolkit with standardized measurement tools to assess various aspects of community food security. It includes a general guide to community assessment and focused materials for examining six basic components related to community food security: general community characteristics, community food resources, household food security, food resource accessibility, food availability and affordability, and community food production resources.

Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum by Grassroots International and the National Family Farm Coalition. Building from the experiences of literally millions of grassroots activists world-wide, Food for Thought and Action challenges us to fix our broken food system. The curriculum is divided into four modules: one each for consumers, faith and anti-hunger groups, environmentalists, and farmers. This collection of education-for-action exercises and factsheets emphasizes informed activism.

DigIn! On Food Sovereignty by Check Your Head, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, and National Farmers’ Union Youth. This toolkit has a variety of popular education exercises, designed by youth for youth, to investigate our food system and the meaning of the concept of food sovereignty in the lives of young people today.

Food Justice Workshop Developed by Check Your Head, the workshop looks at how the global food system impacts the environment, our health, and the quality of life of people around the world. The workshop addresses the globalization of the food industry and how food-related policies affect the lives of both food producers and consumers.


Introduction to Growing Up Organic In this introduction you will find an overview and a history of the project, a step-by-step guide to starting your school gardens, and calendar to reference for school garden activities.

Harvesting Support for Locally Grown Food: Lessons Learned from the “Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown” Campaign This toolkit shares lessons from the successful Community Involved in Local Agriculture (CISA) Buy Local campaign in western Massachusetts. The toolkit also includes market research, marketing materials, evaluation tools, and other resources.


Canadian Hunger Foundation  CHF offers free presentations, lessons, videos and student events to raise awareness about the realities faced by rural communities in developing countries and their determination to build on their strengths to get out of poverty and help you develop active global citizens


Green Belt Movement Be inspired by the life of Wangari Maathai and find out more about the Green Belt Movement’s work. Take part in environmental activities in your own community.

A How-To Guide for Community Outreach Planning Monthly Potlucks in Your Community Potlucks are a great way to bring together community members to discuss local and global issues and talk about what can be done to create change. During the potluck, show a movie that raises awareness about issues such as global warming, the oil crisis or globalization – inspiring people to work for social change. Conclude the potluck with a call to action.

Resources for Rethinking A wide range of exemplary sustainability resources reviewed by teachers for teachers. The variety of tools and activities will help teachers with any age level. The website allows users to browse by topic, curriculum, pedagogical approaches, and resource type.

BC Teachers’ Federation The Federation offers a variety of lessons that discuss Peace and Global Education and Social Justice. Resources include videos, lesson plans, activities, and taking action ideas.