School Resources: Grades K-8

come funziona optionavigator Soup’s On! Educational Kit (available in French and English) Produced by Equiterre, this hands-on and interdisciplinary educational kit was developed according to the government’s educational reform to explore what’s wrong with our food system and help students make healthier and environmentally-friendly food choices.

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click here for more Where in the World… Does Your Food Come From? Developed by Justine Dawson from the LifeCycles Project Society in Victoria, BC, this document offers lessons examining themes in Food Systems, Food Security, Sustainability, Globalization, Urban Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, and International Solidarity. Each activity identifies the themes addressed and the grade range for which it was developed. Sustain Ontario Good Food Ideas for Kids From the hockey rink, to the park, to the cafeteria, kids face tough food choices wherever they turn. Some kids can’t recognize all their vegetables, and many regularly eat cheap “convenience foods” loaded with sugar and fat. We’ll share information to help start a conversation about how to create healthier food environments for kids. Action ideas, galleries, videos, and words will get the conversation started.

the original source Biodiversity, Food and Farming for a Healthy Planet Developed by Christine Gibb and Leah Mohammed, the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Learning Module on Biodiversity and Agriculture includes an online educational web portal for primary school students and five accompanying lesson plans for educators. Educators can also download the children’s web portal in a booklet format. The resources are aimed at students in upper primary school (grades four to six), but could be adapted for other levels.

دقيقة واحدة إستراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية Secret Seed Society Books, garden starter kits and recipes to get kids excited about growing, cooking and eating vegetables.