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use this link Take what you’ve learned from the Seed Map to your weekly shopping, discussions with coworkers and friends, lobbying, activism, cooking, research, teaching, philanthropy and art. Find your voice, use it, and share the Seed Map and our resources with others!

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opcje binarne auto Here’s how you can use and share the Seed Map’s promotional tools:


browse this site 1) Seed Map Poster_Where Did our Food Come FromDownload and print our Where Did our Food Come From?  poster. It’s a great tool to visually see where the 12 major centres of diversity are located as well as which main crops and livestock originated there. It’s a handy teaser to bring people to Seedmap.org (you can scan the QR code on the bottom right to go directly to the site).

check that 2) Embed our Seed Map Web Button directly to your website & invite others to do the same.

  • Download our Seed Map Web Button
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follow site 3) seedmap.org_draft vignetteTell your friends and your community about Seedmap.org on Facebook, Twitter, etc.